Lectures and Workshops

About Deborah

Deborah has been a quilter for over 30 years, and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She lectures and teaches at retreats and for quilt guilds.

If you would like to know more about having Deborah lecture or present workshops to your group, email her at info@quiltshownews.com.  She will be happy to answer any questions for you.


Best Quilters Tools and Gadgets

 The Latest Greatest Tools to Help You Improve Your Quilting

1-hour Lecture

Deborah shares some of thee latest and greatest quilters tools on the market. As the owner of the online shop, The Quilted Turtle, Deborah tests and tries out dozens of new tools each year. In this lecture Deborah will show you 20 of the best gadgets and tools that will make your quilting better and save you time.  Deborah will show you how she uses the tools, their best features, and tips and tricks that she has discovered. Deborah will have these same products available for sale after the lecture.

Outsider Quilts Trunk Show

A Collection of Unconventional and Unexpected Quilts

1-hour Trunk Show

Deborah shares her collection of vintage quilts. These unconventional quilts are made by quilters who are often self-taught and uninhibited.  They have pieced the quilt in “their own way”.  These extraordinary and sometimes eccentric quilts, most made in the last half century, fall outside the typical quilt genres. Sometime improvisational, sometimes more traditionally pieced, each quilt is full of character and soul. Occasionally called Utility Quilts, we can find out a lot about the quiltmaker simply from examining the quilt. Deborah brings 25 quilts to show and explains why she chose each one, and what is extraordinary and unique about them.





Mountain View Quilt – Make a spectacular modern quilt with simple techniques.

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

6-hour class

In this full-day class you will learn to piece a modern improvisational style quilt. This pattern has no points to match and so is perfect for the beginning quilter, as well as the intermediate quilter who would like to learn some simple improvisational piecing. Combine simple sewing with a new skill and create your own linear design. Deborah will share some quilts from her collection of improvisational quilts for inspiration.


Spectacular Table Scraps Table Runner – Mastering Accurate Half-Square Triangles

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

3-hour class

This Scrappy Table Runner is a pretty and table perfect for your dining room table or as a gift for friends. Deborah teaches you how to make perfect half-square triangles. Half-square triangles can be a challenge because they often distort as you sew. The technique Deborah will teach allows you to make perfect triangles every time with no distortion. This table runner is for beginners as well as intermediate quilters who are looking for a fast and easy project.

BONUS: Deborah’s Use-Every-Scrap System As an added bonus, Deborah teaches you her Use-Every-Scrap System. Deborah is always looking for ways to use every bit of her scraps. She has perfected an easy peasy way of using up scraps, so that nothing goes to waste. Using this method saves you money because you are using every bit of your precious fabric without throwing any away and adding to land fills. Use it up!




Big Stitch Quilting – Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Finish Your Quilt

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

3-hour class

Big stitch quilting is one of my favorite ways to finish a quilt. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive. It’s perfect for baby quilts, kid quilts, scrap quilts and more!  In this class you will learn the basics of hand quilting, how to quilt without marking your quilt tops, what threads, needles and tools are best for big stitch. You will work on a whole cloth table runner that will make a nice decorative piece for yourself or gift for others.

Deborah will see several sample quilts finished with Big Stitch that will inspire you to try this method on or next quilt.

Big Stitch Quilting – Supply List

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