Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers


Sewing Machine Bobbin Washers Little Magic Bobbin Genies 12 pack, the perfect size for all home sewing machines 12. Teflon washers in pack. Eliminates backlash & bird’s nests on the underside of your quilt.

Sick and tired of your quilting stitches not looking as good from the back as from the front? You need to try these Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers. These small Teflon washers sit inside your bobbin case and help your bobbin thread glide smoothly and evenly while you quilt. This completely eliminates backlash and bird’s nests on the back of your quilt. The Magic Bobbin Washers are very easy to use. Just drop a washer into your bobbin case and replace the bobbin and insert it into your machine just like normal. One washer can easily last over a year, and each pack comes with twelve washers–making them perfect to share with friends.