Quilt Along: In and Out Quilt Week 1 of 5

This Quilt Along has officially ended. BUT, I am putting the instructions up to share with everyone.  You can follow the links for each week’s instructions. There are 5 sets of instruction to follow to make this beautiful quilt.

So let me start by telling you the concept for this quilt. I wanted to design a quilt that was created from just one block.  I have a love of simple quilts that look sophisticated. I love my friends to marvel over a pattern they think is complicated, but when I show them the simple block, they are amazed.

In and Out is exactly that kind of quilt.

I also wanted to design something that would use charm squares. I always have three or four charm packs that I’ve purchased with no quilt in mind. I buy them because I love the fabrics, and I figure I will find a quilt to put them in.  I suspect you may be the same way.  In and Out is made of charm squares and background fabric.

I like In and Out because you can use it with scraps, or fabrics from your stash.  I like patterns that have that versatility. That way, you can use the pattern in the way that best fits your quilting, whether you have a charm pack to use, or you simply want to lighten the load in your scrap basket.

Fabric Choices

If you would like to order the exact fabrics I will be using in my quilt, click here to buy the kit. The kit contains fabric for the top only. You will want to use fabric for the backing and binding from your stash.

Now here’s a secret. The quilt you see in the picture was sewn by a friend of mine, Sonya Craig.   Sonya is a very accomplished quilter, with fabulous workmanship. I asked Sonya if she would help me out by piecing this quilt pattern with very little instructions, and she was very sweet to say yes! For the Quilt Along, I will be piecing the quilt along with you, and will make a second quilt of the same pattern that I can keep for myself.

Definition of Terms

Before we begin, you should know that “pastel” is the term I use for the squares that are not background color. Yours may be print fabrics, may be dark fabrics, and that works to. This is just so we are not confused as we go.

Materials you will need:

Fabric for Quilt Top:

  • 1 1/2 yards of assorted pastel fabrics or 72 five-inch charm squares
  • 2 3/4 yards of background fabric or 144 five-inch charm squares

Bias Binding

  • 3/4 yard coordinating fabric


  • 4 3/4 yards of backing fabric


That’s it for this week!  Here is a schedule of what we will be working on each week so you have an idea of what’s coming.

Week 1Introduction, choose fabric for quilt.

Week 2 Cutting the pieces you will need to make the quilt.

Week 3Sew half square triangles.

Week 4Assemble blocks.

Week 5Sew the blocks together into the full quilt.

Week 6Show and Tell – See quilts from other quilters!

And be sure to forward the link to this page to your friends. They can jump in any time and quilt this free pattern along with us!

Happy Quilting,


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