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Our clients know that one call to GLS produces the right personnel and technology to accomplish the unique job requirement on time and without mistakes.

We offer our website as an overview of our extensive services, while also inviting you to contact us directly for specific and immediate response to your requests.

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For the record, we provide a verbatim stenographic record of any legal proceeding:


Our professionals come prepared to accomplish your job with the proper technological support.


For video and still photography, GLS exists as an all-in-one resource for the facility, the technology and expert personnel who are trained to accommodate the legal profession.

Specialty Practice Areas

For over two decades, GLS has surpassed clients’ expectations by understanding their unique needs and thereby placing stenographers who possess specific areas of expertise on the job

About Us

Great Lakes Shorthand (or GLS for short) has built a distinguished reputation among legal professionals as a premier choice for stenographic, video and photographic services.

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Our online scheduler allows you to easily request a court reporter for your next deposition or proceedings. You can schedule any time at your convenience.

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GLS provides services in locations throughout Michigan and nationwide. Call us and let us know how we can help you. 800.234.2044

As a national network of professionally trained and qualified court reporters,we also supply:

Meeting facilities throughout the U.S., complete with cutting-edge videoconferencing technology and service.

Photographic and video specialists upon request

Everything is centralized with GLS, so there is no searching to learn what, when and where. With one 800-telephone call, we are well taken care of.

George M. Sirilla,

Intellectual Property Group of Pillsbury,
Winthrop, Shaw & Pittman; Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA

Court Reporters: Professional Experience Makes a Difference – Great Lakes Shorthand screens and hires the most qualified and reliable court reporter for any job-no matter its scope-while utilizing the latest technology to satisfy a broadening spectrum of marketplace demands. This is a …